ElseWhere are Giorgos Vedouras and Joey Dianos from Thessaloniki.known for their solo careers as Dj Doc and Oxya, they joined forces to create a unique and powerfull sound in the psy-progressive field.The project started in 2011 in order to produce music with ideas born from the most distinguishable elements of their own solo projects.Dj Doc has been a pioneer for the trance community and has been considered one of its founders by introducing psychedelia in a booming underground scene back in 1996.George has been driven by this culture his whole life, thus he has been travelling around the world and has played from small jungle and beach parties in Goa ,Thailand, Mexico and Australia to big clubs and open air festivals in Europe & Japan.Oxya claims to be a robot. Oxya has its primary base established in Greece,while its main purpose as a time-travelling robot is to constantly import sounds to the present time from the past and the future.