If he appears at a party, the dance floor starts shaking with heavy quakes and even tired folks wake up and get going: Goazilla became a crowd-pleaser in and around Hamburg. Bernd-Patrick is born 1981 in the Harz Mountains in middle Germany. He starts DJing at the age of 18 in 2000.His first experiences were based at local parties and the first gig far from home was 2003 in Linz (Austria) at the legendary 'Club Casin', at least 1000 km away. Only one year later he started gigging around Germany on lots of similar parties untill he had his first international gig in summer at the 'Psychelic Circus Festival'.Goazilla quit active DJing for a while and in 2008 he played again - and for the first time - at the cult location 'Rote Flora' in Hamburg.Quickly there were more gigs to follow on in- and outdoor events and festivals (like Psychedelic Wonderland, Red Planet and more).After moving to the 'Trance Hotspot' Hamburg in 2009 he joyned 'The Lonely Forest Project' which is known for very special and different kind of parties. The 5th Birthday of 'LFP' Goazilla compiled his first VA. Next he mashed around even stronger then before and the people got crazy for his 'crunchy - Monster - Prog' soundIn the past two years he also began working with 'Plusquam Records' .Because of this thankful cooperation and of great experiences he made, he is open minded for starting new projects and is pleased to be a member of 'Landmark Records' now.