Landmark wants you!

We are on a quest of finding 2 artists to compliment our roster

by checking whats around landmark you will clearly see where we stand, you think you can fit? please do send as your demos

we will evaluate all entrys and promise a positive or negative response to all.


Full tracks please

At least 320kbps mp3 or Wave files. (can have fade in/out if feeling insecure)

Info text.. who you are, where are you from, previous releases (not required) and some basic info about you along with email or facebook or skype contact (we will need to reach to you somehow)


if its psy and not cheesy and along the lines of progressive bpm more or less.. it fits.

can be darker zenonesque, progressive, offbeat, flirting with full on,techno, morning, night all is good as long as its a quality production and doesnt have pizza cheese on top.. if neccesary use more cowbell..!

We offer..

Mastering and production help.

A home and a chance to grow with as.

EP Releases, VA releases and a chance of bookings.

If you are passionate about what you do.. then we are also!

Hope you are intrigued we really hope to listen from you!

Send your music here..

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