Mats Hansen aka Vance, is s 34 year old Psy/Progressive label dj for Landmark records (Germany) who lives in the South of Sweden in a Town called Helsingborg. The initial contact with trance music was in 1993, and from the first moment he was in love with it. Vance instantly knew that this music was the music he was meant to play!

Following that, in the late 90s, he made reality of his dream, and started to DJ. After a few years of experimenting with various genres of Electronica he found that Psy/Prog trance was the absolute favorite Genre.

In the beginning of 2000 Vance travelled to various festivals around Europe to find more inspiration and so he did! In 2006 he took a more serious view on DJ’ing

He has played at many indoor parties, as well as open air events, all over Sweden and International gigs also in Denmark and Germany and some radioshows in Greece and Germany. He loves to take the crowd on a creative journey in his dj sets, when he performs. Making people connect and interact on the dance floor is one of his main goals.